Are Christmas Cards and Newsletters a Thing of the Past?

Has a quick, "Merry Christmas," on Facebook replaced the almost sacred exchange of Christmas cards that has been going on ever since I can remember, and probably long before that.

 There was a time when a Christmas card was eagerly greeted, because you knew it would contain, if not a complete newsletter, at least a brief summary of what was new in the life of the sender since the Christmas before.

 Are we too busy these days to take time out to share our year with others, or do we have so many more friends than we used to have that it takes just too much time and effort to address all those cards? I think it's sad that a precious old tradition seems to be on its way out.

Think about it before next Christmas rolls around. If December is just too hectic, why not start a little notebook and add family events to it as they happen all year long so you will be prepared to really catch everyone up on your life next year, without spending days working on it at the busiest time of the year?

You don't have to write a book---just a sketch of the important things that have been going on with you, and maybe include a few up-to-date photos. (We all like to know that we aren't the only ones adding pounds and wrinkles.)

And, why not encourage other family members to do the same? When family members quit connecting with each other, the relationship between them eventually disappears. I think it's time we started "reaching out to touch someone."

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