Governor Brown, of the State of Oregon, recently announced that Oregon is now the first state to provide free abortions to all comers at all stages of pregnancy--- even up until the actual due date of the expectant mother.  AND, we Oregonians will have the privilege of picking up the bill.

I, for one, am outraged.  Not just because I, as a taxpayer in Oregon will be sharing the cost, but because I have long believed that the killing of an innocent human being is murder.  Most of my friends hold the same belief, and to think that we are now forced into becoming complicit in this killing is abhorrent to us all.

Others I am acquainted with object on the grounds that they consider it totally unjust that they will be required to fork over hard earned money to pay for abortions, not only for fellow Oregonians, but also for illegals who, from what we have heard on the news, are joyful to hear about this and flocking to Oregon to take advantage of this windfall.

It may come as a surprise to you, but neither birth control, nor abortions are considered essential health care needs except for a few cases where the life of the mother is in question--at least not by most people's standards.  They are personal choices which should be the responsibility of the couple involved, not that of the taxpayers of Oregon.

Why were we not give a choice in this matter?  I know a lot of people who consider this outrage
serious enough to start a recall movement for this governor, or at the very least, demand that the new tax be put up for a vote by the people of Oregon.

In the meantime, I tried to relieve my frustration by heading  for one of my old favorites and designing me a tee shirt.  Orange wasn't my first choice, but it did seem to fit my mood which, at the time, and still is, ATTENTION OREGONIANS.  We seem to be sliding down a slippery slope.

Check out my designing efforts and see if you don't agree with me at Expressing My Outrage


Cancer Is a Very Scary Word

"Cancer" is one of the scariest words in the English language. 

Not long ago, I had met a few people who had cancer, but not anyone really close to me, until my sister was suddenly diagnosed a few years ago.  Since then, many of my friends, as well as my own husband have contracted the dreaded disease.

Recently, I ran across a wonderful little book called, Curing Cancer With Carrots, by Ann Cameron, and was fascinated by her story.

Ann was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and the prognosis was not good.  Instead of submitting immediately to Chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Ann spent some time researching other treatments instead, and came up with a unique alternative which looked promising. 
Since she was aware of the side effects of conventional treatment, she decided she would give the natural treatment she chose, which was fresh carrot juice, a few weeks to prove itself before agreeing to Chemo and Radiation.

She juiced and drank 5 glasses of the juice every day, and the cancer began to disappear.  Her amazing Kindle book (also available in paperback) explains in great detail the benefits of carrot juice, the juicing process itself, and concludes with testimonies of a number of other people who also chose this method of treatment with great success.

If you or someone you know has just been diagnosed with cancer, grab a copy of Ann's book, Curing Cancer with Carrots, and see what you think.  She has more than a hundred 5-star reviews with comments from people who have tried it and been astounded at the results. (If you drop by to take a look, be sure to read the comments from verified purchasers of the book.--  They are almost as inspiring as the book.)

Check it out by clicking on the picture below:


Are You Planning To Join The, "I AM A CHRISTIAN" Movement?

When I was first married, many years ago, my older sister and her husband were members of what, even then was termed a "radical" Christian Church.  They held street meetings every Friday night in a nearby city where my brother-in-law's preaching and my sister's accordion playing drew crowds to listen and to join in the singing.
Although my husband and I didn't belong to their church, we often went down to join the Friday night group and thoroughly enjoyed the preaching and singing along with many others.
A few years later, I led a Bible Club of enthusiastic teens who thought a fun summer evening was one when we went door to door handing out tracts or having a Bible study in the park that frequently brought other park patrons over to see what we were up to, and I was amazed at how excited these kids were to openly share their faith.

Sadly, over the years, I have noticed that many Christians, including myself, and no matter what denomination we claim to be a part of have become quieter and quieter until today, they have become almost completely silent.

Why is it that Christians seem so reluctant to speak up about their faith when those who reject religion in any form do not hesitate at all to say so, and to belittle anyone who disagrees with them?
But, this week, I think I noticed a bit of a change.  Small, but definitely a change.

Dr. Ben Carson, Sara Palin, former governor of Alaska, and Franklin Graham are among a number of high profile Americans who have recently decided to be silent no longer,  and have even been photographed carrying signs proclaiming that they are Christians.  That is like a breath of fresh air to me.  (See the article here:

 Will this change influence me to start  doing something about my reluctance to speak up?  I hope so, and plan first of all, to quit letting opportunities to speak up for my faith and regretting it later.  How about you?

*  Have trouble talking about your faith?  Try wearing  one of  these high quality Haines Tees, pictured above, to boldly declare your faith to every one you meet.  (They also make great gifts for  Christian friends.)  To order one for yourself, click here: I AM A CHRISTIAN Tee


Last Week I broke my big toe.

At my age, I really should be a little more careful about watching where I am going, but I guess we all have our lapses. Anyway, I was carrying a stack of clothes into a closet and whacked my foot into the wall as I entered the closet door.

The whack really hurt, but since no one was home to hear me yell, I didn't bother, and after a while, the hurt subsided to a dull throb. In fact, I had almost forgotten about it by the time my husband showed up. I told him what had happened, and took the sock off my foot to show him how red it looked.

Wow!. When had it gone from being red to being black and blue and from looking like a small toe to looking like a huge wiener? All of a sudden, it started hurting again, and my sweet, caring husband insisted that we go to Urgent Care and have it taken care of since it was a weekend and my regular doctor's office was closed.  We bundled up and off we went.

I was beginning to enjoy all the drama by this time, and imagined all the attention my toe would get when I showed up in church the next morning wearing a toe cast and stumbling in on crutches.

A quick X-ray revealed that my toe was indeed fractured, but the treatment was a very unglamorous looking bunch of tape applied to hold the broken toe close to the uninjured ones until it healed. No crutches, no pain pills, nothing to show but the bill, which I won't discuss here for fear of giving you a phobia about ever having a broken toe of your own.

I'm practically back to normal now, but I've been avoiding that wall on the left side of my closet door like the plague.


Give A Gorgeous Garnet for January Birthdays


A Bit About Garnets

Garnets are hard and durable which makes them idea for use in jewelry. They are less expensive than diamonds, rubies, or emeralds so that means almost anyone can afford at least once piece of garnet jewelry and since they come in a variety of colors, you can search until you find just the one that suits your fancy

Although garnets may be green, yellow, orange, or varying shades of red, those most sought after for use in jewelry are red ones. Deep red colored garnets, which give an impression of luminosity, may have led to some of the myths and superstitions that have been attached to them.

One such story claims that Noah used reflective garnets to guide the ark through dark and stormy seas during the time of the great Biblical flood. Another says the stone will protect travelers on their journey and bring good health to its wearers. Some even claim sleeping with a garnet under one’s pillow will cure depression.

Whether or not any of the above stories are true, the garnet is indeed a beautiful gem, and its composition is such that it is easily formed into different shapes for use in all kinds of jewelry.

If you are reading this, it means you are probably wondering how  the Christmas season with all its hustle and bustle, snuck up on us when Thanksgiving hasn't even come and gone yet.

If your mom (sister, girlfriend, or other very special person in your life) has a birthday coming up in January why not surprise them with a garnet ring for Christmas?  Not only will your Christmas gift problem be solved, but the birthday problem will be,  too, when you take them out to dinner so they can show off the new ring you gave them for Christmas.


Beautiful, aren't they,  and prices are really reasonable.   Click on either  images to find out more.


Are Christmas Cards and Newsletters a Thing of the Past?

Has a quick, "Merry Christmas," on Facebook replaced the almost sacred exchange of Christmas cards that has been going on ever since I can remember, and probably long before that.

 There was a time when a Christmas card was eagerly greeted, because you knew it would contain, if not a complete newsletter, at least a brief summary of what was new in the life of the sender since the Christmas before.

 Are we too busy these days to take time out to share our year with others, or do we have so many more friends than we used to have that it takes just too much time and effort to address all those cards? I think it's sad that a precious old tradition seems to be on its way out.

Think about it before next Christmas rolls around. If December is just too hectic, why not start a little notebook and add family events to it as they happen all year long so you will be prepared to really catch everyone up on your life next year, without spending days working on it at the busiest time of the year?

You don't have to write a book---just a sketch of the important things that have been going on with you, and maybe include a few up-to-date photos. (We all like to know that we aren't the only ones adding pounds and wrinkles.)

And, why not encourage other family members to do the same? When family members quit connecting with each other, the relationship between them eventually disappears. I think it's time we started "reaching out to touch someone."


Are Selfies Really a Good Idea?

A few years ago, I had never heard of a "Selfie."

Today, it is a rare teen who hasn't heard of selfies and who doesn't post at least a few selfies on Facebook and other blogs here and there across the internet.

When I was a kid, I wouldn't have thought of posing for a picture without checking to see that my hair and make-up was at least presentable, my clothing looked decent, and that I had a reasonable expression on my face before the camera's final click. And, if we had posted dozens of selfies on a blogsite like many people do today, we would have been labeled self-centered, narcissistic, and definitely weird. 

Times have changed and I will be the first to admit that I have a bit of difficulty in coping with some of those changes.  For example,  I am more than a bit upset when I see the unflattering pictures my granddaughters post of themselves. (I only have one grandson and he is camera shy so this applies mainly to females.)

If they don't already have tattoos, or piercings, they put on fake ones for the camera. They sprawl in the most unladylike positions imaginable. They make ridiculous faces in an attempt to shock, and imitate Miley Cyrus with their tongues hanging out like panting dogs. Nose rings seem to be considered an added plus in the pictures. 

They love putting on make-up that makes them look years older  than they are.  I'll confess, that at times I have a little trouble telling them from their own mothers, and  I've begun  to wonder if there is a prize for whomever can show the most cleavage online in any given week.

Ugh! Don't they know that these pictures may someday come back to haunt them? I can just imagine how they will feel when their own teenager says, "Mom, this old picture on Facebook looks kind of like you. Naw, you would never have dyed your hair green and red, even for Christmas----would you? And look at that "f" word in some of the comments. Nope, not my Mom, but it sure does look like you."

(Photo by Pippalou at Morgue File Photos)

Celebrating What?

Christmas, according to what I have been hearing for the last couple of months, is just around the corner.  I have often wondered what would happen if we had a year where holidays were limited to a week or two before the actual event.  I'm pretty sure that we would still decorate our houses, get greeting cards sent, purchase presents for the same people we do now, and probably spend a lot less money doing it.

But you know, and I know that that will never happen.  At least not in America, where holidays have been turned into "cash cows" and each extra day or week that can be added to their celebration, means more money in retailer's pockets when the holiday is over.

I understand.  In fact, I am guilty of making a little money on several of  the holidays, myself, but please, whether you are on the money making side of a particular holiday, or the money spending side, don't forget the real meaning behind it. 

Valentine's Day is meant to be a day for showing your love for a particular person, not to show how much money you can spend on him or her.  To me, a tiny handwritten note letting me know that someone cares for me would mean far more than diamond earrings. 

And Christmas is supposed to be a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus,  not a day for piling up debt that in some cases may take the whole next year to pay off. 

Thanksgiving, at least in America, was originally a day set aside to thank God for the blessings he had bestowed upon early settlers in bringing them safely  to this country and helping them to plant and reap a bountiful harvest.  Too often, we have turned it into no more than a contest to see who can stuff themselves with the most food, and drink the most bottles of beer before passing out while watching football on TV after the meal.

In the same way, the original meanings of holidays such as Declaration Day, now called the 4th of July, and Memorial Day, a day for remembering the dead, have been almost lost in the hustle and bustle of planning picnics, drinking orgies, parades, and firework displays.

I'm not condemning celebrations.  I'm just saying that we need to remind ourselves that most holidays started for a reason, and as the size and activities of those celebrations increase, the basic reason for them often disappears or at least shrinks considerably.

Thanksgiving day is this Thursday, and  Christmas is only a month away.  Why not surprise (shock)  your family members this year by making sure that no one leaves your celebration of either of these important holidays without being reminded of the reason for that celebration?

(Photo by Chodra at Morgue Files)