Are Selfies Really a Good Idea?

A few years ago, I had never heard of a "Selfie."

Today, it is a rare teen who hasn't heard of selfies and who doesn't post at least a few selfies on Facebook and other blogs here and there across the internet.

When I was a kid, I wouldn't have thought of posing for a picture without checking to see that my hair and make-up was at least presentable, my clothing looked decent, and that I had a reasonable expression on my face before the camera's final click. And, if we had posted dozens of selfies on a blogsite like many people do today, we would have been labeled self-centered, narcissistic, and definitely weird. 

Times have changed and I will be the first to admit that I have a bit of difficulty in coping with some of those changes.  For example,  I am more than a bit upset when I see the unflattering pictures my granddaughters post of themselves. (I only have one grandson and he is camera shy so this applies mainly to females.)

If they don't already have tattoos, or piercings, they put on fake ones for the camera. They sprawl in the most unladylike positions imaginable. They make ridiculous faces in an attempt to shock, and imitate Miley Cyrus with their tongues hanging out like panting dogs. Nose rings seem to be considered an added plus in the pictures. 

They love putting on make-up that makes them look years older  than they are.  I'll confess, that at times I have a little trouble telling them from their own mothers, and  I've begun  to wonder if there is a prize for whomever can show the most cleavage online in any given week.

Ugh! Don't they know that these pictures may someday come back to haunt them? I can just imagine how they will feel when their own teenager says, "Mom, this old picture on Facebook looks kind of like you. Naw, you would never have dyed your hair green and red, even for Christmas----would you? And look at that "f" word in some of the comments. Nope, not my Mom, but it sure does look like you."

(Photo by Pippalou at Morgue File Photos)

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