Give A Gorgeous Garnet for January Birthdays


A Bit About Garnets

Garnets are hard and durable which makes them idea for use in jewelry. They are less expensive than diamonds, rubies, or emeralds so that means almost anyone can afford at least once piece of garnet jewelry and since they come in a variety of colors, you can search until you find just the one that suits your fancy

Although garnets may be green, yellow, orange, or varying shades of red, those most sought after for use in jewelry are red ones. Deep red colored garnets, which give an impression of luminosity, may have led to some of the myths and superstitions that have been attached to them.

One such story claims that Noah used reflective garnets to guide the ark through dark and stormy seas during the time of the great Biblical flood. Another says the stone will protect travelers on their journey and bring good health to its wearers. Some even claim sleeping with a garnet under one’s pillow will cure depression.

Whether or not any of the above stories are true, the garnet is indeed a beautiful gem, and its composition is such that it is easily formed into different shapes for use in all kinds of jewelry.

If you are reading this, it means you are probably wondering how  the Christmas season with all its hustle and bustle, snuck up on us when Thanksgiving hasn't even come and gone yet.

If your mom (sister, girlfriend, or other very special person in your life) has a birthday coming up in January why not surprise them with a garnet ring for Christmas?  Not only will your Christmas gift problem be solved, but the birthday problem will be,  too, when you take them out to dinner so they can show off the new ring you gave them for Christmas.


Beautiful, aren't they,  and prices are really reasonable.   Click on either  images to find out more.

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